Walking the HR: A few pictures

Walker’s Haute Route-07-109  

I thought I’d put up a few pictures from the route on the excellent google Picasa web site. Considering I took 1300 and edited those down to 250 it was pretty hard to edit them down to a fairly representative 25!

2007 08 Walker’s Haute Route

Tip: When looking at the slideshow press the F11 key to change the web browser to full screen mode. Just press it again to swap back to normal viewing. It works in Firefox and IE – if you’re using another browser you’re probably savvy enough to work this out for yourself!

All taken with a Canon EOS 400D with either a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.4 USM Zoom Lens or a Canon Lens EF-S 17-85 f4-5.6 IS USM (both from Martin’s Camera Shop, excellent service and price). They were taken as RAW and then “developed” using by far the best RAW editor I’ve found (and I’ve tried all I can find): Capture One 4 (Beta).

Capture One 3.7 was the best I had found previously, somehow I preferred it to the equally powerful Bibble.

3.7 had one feature missing that I loved when using the free Pixmantex Rawshooter; the ability to clone images to compare adjustments. I might still be using Rawshooter but for the fact it doesn’t support EOS 400D RAW files and it’s now been subsumed into the rather bloated, but never the less very powerful Adobe Lightroom. But Capture One 4 has introduced image cloning and other features that Rawshooter didn’t have like rotation correction and a basic High Dynamic Range tool that works pretty well.

The 4 Beta version seems stable and is free for the moment. Assuming it’s priced the same as 3.7 it isn’t too expensive to buy. In fact, a license for 3.7, that apparently is good for version 4, currently comes with many Sandisk Compact Flash cards.

Considering some of those cards can be had for around £12 ($25) and Capture One 3.7 costs $100 you can grab a real bargain. Especially if you actually need a CF card! It’s worth checking that the card you’re buying does come with the license of course, since some sellers hold stock that doesn’t. Also beware of the many, many fakes there are out there. I’d now always buy from a large, reputable online supplier like Amazon or Pixmania.

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