GR5: Gawn…

Walker's Haute Route - 07-211-small

Well, we’ve told everyone we’re going (family, friends, accountants), switched off the water, emptied and propped-open the fridge/freezer, switched off the electricity, left keys with our neighbours, left voicemail messages saying we’re not likely to be checking our voicemail… etc… etc…

We’ve also left some spare bits of kit with Rachel (who’s joining us for the first fortnight so we’d better not need them then!). Things like a backup pair of trousers (that’s another story!) and the old Terrocs. Though we’ve got to know the folks at Outside Hathersage well enough that they said they’d be happy to post new Terrocs to us Poste Restante in France.

I’ve not had time to write up a couple of entries that will have to wait till we return (like the trousers thing and the chargers we’re using). But since I didn’t finish the Iceland write-up until this April I’m not worried!

Although I’ve not had a chance to test it as yet – this Spot page should apparently show you where we are (“Tracking the Yeti in its southerly migration” as LB refers to it).

Have a nice summer all – we’re certainly aiming to!

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  1. I hope I’ll be able to keep up with your reports. I have been snooping through your Iceland posts though I often don’t have time to finish reading before I have to get off the computer. Hope your trip works out excellently.

  2. Salut les amis !
    Some few words to tell everyone that I have met the tow lovers this week. We and hiked together with another thru-hiker (Hedmund) during a full day. We slept in a beautifull place at 2500m high. This bivouac had a taste of light hikers festival. A great moment ! Best wishes for your ending trip !

  3. Hey there !

    We met a few weeks ago in the refuge de La Balme, in the Beaufortain (the Chartreuse guys).
    Just wanted to check to see if everything was okay.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to continue and that your knee seems to be better !

    Good luck for the end of your trip.


  4. Antoine + Gaff – We made it! Whoohoo! Really good to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment :)

    Antoine – Really enjoyed our “Lightweight Show and Tell” at that high camp spot! Maybe we can meet up again to see how we’ve moved our gear on… ;)

    Gaff – The Chartreuse Night was one of the highlights of the trip! Great conversation – it was good to be laughing with the trip under-threat after a couple of days forced down-time due to the leg. The leg recovered well after that and now seems to be back to normal luckily!

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