GR20: The Pictures

So we’ve finally managed to find time to sort through all the pictures from the amazing GR20 trip last September.

They’re a mixture of images from LB’s Canon IXUS 980 IS and my Canon EOS 550D (RAW – developed in Lightroom).

The first set is the most cut-down, for those in a hurry, and the second set contains all the first and more besides to give a much richer picture of the journey.


GR20 Corsica Super Fast Forward
GR20 Corsica Faster Forward

16 Replies to “GR20: The Pictures”

  1. fantastic images. Looked at the big edit, back 2m0 for the smaller one on a different screen. Looks like a fun and energetic place for a wander!

  2. Hope you enjoy them on the small screen David – though they are a just a cut-down version of the larger set! Maybe I’ll make that a bit more clear…

  3. An I am looking forward to having time to write it…

    We’ve (well mainly LB) written it up from the audio files. But I’ve got so much else on it may take a while!

    Plan to get some other blog entries up in the mean time though.

  4. I really enjoyed those pots – took me back 37 years to when I walked from Calenzana to Propriano (I didn’t know about the GR20 then….)

    Makes me think about a proper return trip to do it properly.

    Thanks Dave

  5. 37 years ago? From hazy memory, that would be around the time the GR20 was laid out as a route (possibly even a year or so earlier – but I can’t find the reference now!).

    Well worth the trip Alan – it’s a gorgeous route!

  6. That’s now twice now I’ve bumped into you in Wales – I’ll say hello next time! I was having lunch just below Adam & Eve when your group arrived on the summit. I think I’m in the picture heading away from the camera. Cracking panorama!

  7. I can’t believe we’re run across each other twice like that! Yes – do say hello if and when we meet again (and I might even recognise you this time – from your blog photos).

  8. What in the world was going on at Refuge Prati?? That’s amazing stuff. Great photos – I’ve never been interested in the GR20 but one of the Israeli chaps I met on the TMB absolutely loved it and your photos have made me re-think.

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