Excellent Phone Protection – A6 Ortlieb Document Cases

Although I’ve mentioned these before, I think they’re so good they’re worth their own posting. I always carry my phones in an A6 Ortlieb Document Case. On longer trips I also carry a second one for the iPhone Nano, cash and passport.

As Needle Sports say, they’re so waterproof they’re almost air-tight.

The really big advantage with them is that you can use the phone whilst it’s inside (even iPhones) and it remains dry. So you can use it in an emergency in the pouring rain.

As an even bigger bonus, the wind noise that can utterly obliterate your voice is all-but removed by keeping it in the bag. Meaning that if you record audio notes or an audio diary,  you can do so wherever you like. But more importantly, if you need to make an emergency call, they’ll actually be able to hear you at the other end!

Phones are rather water sensitive. Over the years I’ve seen many die on the hill (more than ten I’d guess) where people had them in the pocket of a waterproof coat. Pockets simply aren’t reliable for keeping things dry if you’re out in really heavy rain for an extended period.

The cases also last a long time. I think the one I’ve just retired is over ten years old and has been out with me for every single trip during that time, including the seven weeks of the GR5 and three weeks of the GR20.

It’s so old that it has a different “Ortlieb” logo, and I’ve had to use a little McNett Seam Grip to stick down the Velcro that had just started to lift after about eight years. But it really is one of the most reliable and essential bits of kit I carry.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Excellent post as always.

    Have you tried the Aloksac for your phone protection?

    If you have, is there a reason why you prefer the Ortlieb?


  2. Thanks Russ :)

    I’m afraid I simply wouldn’t trust an Aloksak with something critical.

    They are excellent little bags for food and for backup, “second line of defence” storage but they are only really stronger versions of freezer-bags with fully water-tight closures. At the end of the day, they’re just not that strong.

    I’ve probably owned upwards of 30 of them in various sizes (I found a cheap supplier on ebay!) and many have failed by splitting along the seal. Some within only a day of being used, others within a couple of weeks of continuous use (though a gaffer tape repair revives them sufficiently to be used for far longer I’ve found!).

    Conversely, I’ve never seen one of these Ortlieb bags fail.

    To me, it’s like the difference between a cheap tent from a high street store versus a Terra Nova four season effort (not that Alkoksaks are cheap sadly!).

    One will get the job done most of the time, but may let you down at any time. The other just works.

    I wish it wasn’t the case – I really like the Aloksaks!

    (Worth mentioning perhaps that I also really like the OPSaks – Odour Proof Sacks – for food).

  3. Happy birthday, Dave.

    I now carry a small one of these for that other essential piece of kit – passport. I got drenched in DC some years back and ever after my passport was treated like a potential forgery. Not fun.

  4. Thanks Chris! :)

    And yes I also carry a second A6 (the smallest) for that. I also split cash and cards between the two in case one goes missing…

  5. I totally agree.

    I do allot of motorcycle touring and often get completely drenched. I use Ortlieb products all round and the A6 bag fits the iphone absolutely perfectly.

    Piece of mind, even in the wettest conditions.

    I am surprised that more people haven’t cottoned on to this little gem of a pairing.

    Top post,

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