Using AutoPano Tour – Basic Instructions

GR5 Honeymoon - French Alps - 2009-55

At some point, I will be writing a couple more postings on the GR20 (and maybe even finishing off the GR5… sigh…) but, as I’ve mentioned before , my time is rather pressed by a couple of other things – things that aren’t as much fun as writing this unfortunately!

Although I’ve already posted a set of instructions for this, tacked on to the GR5 Pictures posting, here’s a clearer and easier to follow set.

AutoPano Tour allows you to create Flash based “interactive” versions of your panoramas.

I used it to create the GR5 Panoramas that I’ve mentioned before and I’ll slowly add more to my public gallery.

The instructions for using it are rather… well, pants.

So I wrote out my own set and thought they might be handy for someone else:

First of all, make sure it’s still Registered (you might need to do this every time, seems to be a bug in the current version). A “Register” menu, top-right is visible if not: Browse to the license file and simply open it.

Drag each panorama into the main window area and optionally arrange in whatever pattern is going to be useful if you want to hotspot links directly between them (I don’t generally, since I find the hotspots too visually distracting).

For each panorama:

On the Panorama tab:

  • Set the JPEG quality to 9
  • If you want better quality output, up the Partial Panorama Width – 5000 seems good
  • Pressing the “Calculate Optimal Size” button makes it the best resolution possible (at the expense of size of course)

Adjust the initial Field Of View for each panorama with the 3D Editor (bottom right):

  • Get the FOV how you want it by dragging it around with the mouse
  • Right-click -> set as start position

Optionally, create hotspots in each panorama:

In the Hotspot Editor:

  • Select the image
  • Full screen
  • Use the right and left arrow icon (far left) to move the editable area
  • Drag each hotspot to the image to link to
  • Ctrl+A to select all to see the links at once

Finally, Export to create the Flash panorama(s):

In the Project Properties tab:

  • Don’t embed all files (makes a single, monolithic file to download)
  • Select Embed XML
  • Select simpleWithFullScreen.html
  • Select the starting panorama
  • Set the rest of the settings as you like
  • Export (the Blue “cog” icon at the top)

But for the snazzy dialog box that appears when you follow my link to the GR5 Panoramas, you’ll need a reasonable knowledge of JavaScript and specifically the jQuery library. Feel free to take my code directly from the site. I’ve no time to support it or answer questions on the implementation I’m afraid – but the code is commented so you shouldn’t have too much bother.

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