Walking the Haute Route

On the TMB 2005  

So, a couple of months to go until we set off walking the Haute Route. “We” being my girlfriend LB, and three friends.

It’s less “technical” (marginally!) than what we usually get up to given a chance to get to the mountains. I think of it as “luxury mountaineering”. In that you get to walk through mountains carrying very little gear and having meals and a bed at the end of the day. Hardly mountaineering at all!

We (that’s LB and one of the three) have done the part of the route where it shares a couple of days with the Tour of Mont Blanc. Breathtaking scenery.

I’ll be putting a few posts up about what I think is worth carrying (and what I don’t!). These posts are really meant for the people that are coming but I’ll write them in a way I hope might be interesting to others stumbling in here!

In the mean time – check out Wikipedia’s article on the Haute Route. It was a bit of a muddle so I spent a while editing it with a bit of help from our guide (writer!) on the route, Kev Reynolds.


Welcome to the Red Yeti Blog

What’s it all about?

Well it’s not really a “blog” in the classic sense of being a “web-log”. In other words I don’t intend this to become an online diary.

I just wanted an easy way to stick a few things on the web to be able to point friends at when I mention something down the pub or up a mountain.

It’s unlikely to be regularly updated!

At the moment I’m considering a couple of bits info on kit. Mainly of interest to people wandering about in mountains or on long walks or wild camps.

Maybe a mention of photography here and there… who knows maybe something utterly different!

Enough blather – I’m off to find out how this blog thing works. If it takes me more than five minutes it’s not what I need and this posting will never see the light of day.

So if you’re reading this – I’ve worked it out. Otherwise – well otherwise I could say anything and no one would ever know. Moldywarp.