Are You Protecting Your Expensive Merino Wool Kit From Moths?

What? Moths? Isn’t that something out of comic books?

Not at all. “Clothes Moths” are a real hazard for woollen fabrics – merino is no exception.

A good friend of mine showed me a 200 weight Icebreaker top that had some nasty holes in it. I wouldn’t expect a thick top like that to show such holes after only a year or so.

So I wondered if it might be moths, and sure enough, there are people who have had kit destroyed by the daft, candle-suiciding critters. And there are methods of preventing it.

By far the most simple, cheapest and probably most effective method is to put the garments into a breathable clothing cover (like a suit cover). Edit 10 August 2011: Maybe not, see Bill’s post on dry bags below!

I nosed about online and found that an eBay shop had cheap and effective ones when I searched for “clothes cover”.

I just bought one and have hung all my t-shirts inside it, and stuffed a couple of tissues around the top to attempt to seal it and prevent the moths crawling down inside.

Well worth doing considering how expensive all that merino kit is.