Why not just a kit list?


So there I was writing a simple entry on hot weather kit that I thought would take me twenty minutes and an hour later I’m still on it (trying to make it smaller!) and I started to wonder “Why didn’t I just send a kit list?”

Well, I have done in the past and it has proved useful to people, so that’s fine. But it doesn’t get across why I’m choosing the particular kit I am.

Good kit is very enabling and poor kit can literally be disabling – poorly fitted footwear can mean blisters that make it near impossible to walk.

Good kit can make the difference between having a fantastic time, despite extremes of weather, and having a miserable time or even worse.

And really good kit is “invisible” you hardly even notice it when you’re using it. You just get on with whatever it is you really came for.

And I’ve spent so much time (probably far too much time!) looking at, reading about and even occasionally finding time to actually use lots of it that I know what works for me and can take a reasonable guess at what should work generally.

Kit lists have their place. Without one to tick off I would constantly forget to bring things! But exactly what should be on that list and why? Well, that’s why I’m blogging it.

I hope it helps!


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