HR Kit: Meds Pills and Potions



If you get blisters already you probably have all kinds of clever ways of dealing with them but even if you expect your feet to survive with no problems, I think a pack of Compeed For Blisters are worth carrying since an unexpected blister can cripple you. They stay on best if the edges are taped down further with some microporous tape

Medication and Conditions

If you’re with anyone else on a walk, consider telling them about the medication or any medical conditions. That goes for someone who’s organising or leading too. I was caught out by this once. I was co-leading a mountaineering club group with someone who had gone around insisting that everyone fill out the medical section of the membership form only a fortnight earlier but it was he who missed filling out his so I didn’t know what to watch for.

It could have been worse but luckily I picked up on something that he clearly wasn’t talking about. In the end he landed in a hospital for three days due to a condition he’d not mentioned (he was fine in the end!).

First Aid

I’ll be carrying a first aid kit that’s just intended for LB and me. LifeSystems do good ones (the very expedition-experienced paramedic that I took a couple of first aid courses with recommended them). But Adventure Medical Kits seem to be very well stocked as well as lighter than the LifeVenture. They also include Duct Tape in the .7 version which the last wilderness first aid course we did emphasized as being very handy (think slings, splinting). Fast and Light have it listed as “for gear repair” but I think they’re missing the point.

I’m not going to go into detail as to what I think should be carried as I’m a long way from being qualified. However I would add one thing to any first aid kit: A pencil and waterproof paper.

If you needed to go for help, can you be sure you’d remember the grid reference of someone that needed rescuing? What time the incident happened? Anything else that a First Aider tending to the casualty might want you to tell the rescue service? I know I wouldn’t.

For general bits and pieces that seem hard to get hold of from the local chemists (like a membrane face shield for instance) try St John Supplies


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