HR Kit: Wash kit

Stor Sjon (Big Lake) From LB’s parent’s Summer Cottage - where we wash in the Summer  


We’re trying out the amazingly small MSR Paktowel Medium that weighs an amazing 30 grams. The small size just looked a bit too small and would have only saved 9 grams. It won’t dry you as fast as a full size terry-loop cotton towel but who can argue with that weight?


I do cut down the handle of my toothbrush. But it’s to make it fit into a small Aloksak. Well, OK it’s the weight too! It weighs approximately 4 grams less – 12 instead of 16.

Just run a sharp knife around the handle, grip with a pair of pliers and snap off. Then hold some sandpaper flat on the table and remove the burrs.


I don’t carry toothpaste since I don’t think it actually helps very much with the cleaning of the teeth, that’s more down to the brushing. Any other benefits I might be missing I’ll live without for the duration of a trip.


A lot of the weight of floss is in the case. So I take out the reel of floss, cut the corner from a thin sandwich bag, put the reel of floss inside with the end of the floss poking out, tie off with a spare bit of floss. Weighs only 4 grams instead of 18.

Bio-degradable shampoo

We use a biodegradable shampoo made by Urtekram at home anyway. With a bit of care a 60ml Nalgene bottle should last the whole trip. In fact we’ve made them last over twenty days at home.

Body wash

I’ve tried experimenting with Care Plus Soap Leaves (sorry that link’s only in Dutch at the moment!) 40gms from Blacks but find that they stick together rather easily and I need to remember to get three out before I get wet. They’ll also need to be kept dry to prevent them turning to mush. So for convenience at the moment I’m using the same approach as for the shampoo above. But since they’re 76 grams each, I’ve not finished experimenting yet.


I use one of those semi-solid, waxy stick type deodorants that look like a giant, oval lipstick. I plan to use it down to about 1.5CM (3/8″) or less and then screw the waxy stick right out, still attached to the plastic base, and wrap it up in a thin plastic bag. The one I have saved weighs 26 grams.


It’s not often that you end up using something in every day life that you only started doing because of the pack weight saving. But shaving oil is one of those things. It gives me a really good shave and even with my very sensitive skin it seems nearly impossible to get cut or “burned” when using it. I got it after reading about it on Lighthiker’s Blog and like him have decanted some oil into a Microdrop Dropper Bottle which weighs only 4 grams when full of oil.

I’ve also just discovered a really lightweight razor that’s intended for travelling. The Avid4 is a neat design that has two handles, holding a total of four blades which seem to give a good shave. It weighs 14grams on my scales but I only need one handle and two blades meaning a total weight of only 7 grams for two razors and an overall weight of 11 grams for the shaving kit.

The Rest

Also I’ll be taking a small plastic comb, 10gms, and a small pair of nail clippers (at 20gms I’m still thinking about these). All carried in a 6″X9″ Aloksak

Also four packs of those mini travel tissues. They can be handy if the hut is short of toilet paper!

All the weights given below are from my digital scales except the Avid4
Cut down toothbrush 12gms
Floss in a small bag 4gms
Nalgene bottle of shampoo 76gms
Nalgene bottle of body wash 76gms
Inside of a deodorant 26 gms
Shaving oil decanted into a small bottle 4 gms
Avid4 razor 7gms
Plastic comb 10gms
Nail clippers 20gms
6″X9″ Aloksak 18gms

Total for above 253gms

MSR Packtowel 26gms + 4gms for the bag

3 packs of travel tissues in a medium Aloksak 6″X9″ 88gms (inc. 18 for the Aloksak)

Grand total of 371 grams


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