Walking the HR: Gear that still needs improving

Walker’s Haute Route 07 - A break in the mist near Champex  

There’s always room for improving gear! But apart from a couple of things which I’ll post next, all the walking related gear worked really well. And so it should considering the effort that went into choosing it.

One bit of kit that worked well but in some cases needs improvement (not by me!) are the Aloksaks. Rather like Lighthiker, I’ve had mixed success with them. Mostly they’re great but just occasionally one will tear apart just below the seal after very little use. I’ll be mentioning this to the European importer, Dampire at some point to see what they say.

The main area that I need to re-think is the way I carry my camera gear. Although the Aquazoom camera bag is excellent and I can’t see anything replacing it for carrying the camera and keeping it dry, having it attached to the waist belt of the rucksack does stop my arm swinging naturally as I walk. Which is not doing my gait pattern any good and therefore possibly leading to injuries.

I don’t like using a neck strap with a camera and so use a Canon E1 Hand Strap. But the E1 strap usually needs to have a battery adapter fitted before it can be connected. So I got hold of a Camdapter that solves the problem.

But, although I still prefer the hand strap, the weight of the larger lens meant that after a few days I had a sore patch across the back of my right hand where all the weight was taken. Plus, falling over with a camera strapped firmly to your hand is not healthy for the camera or your bones. Though I have got away with on a couple of occasions, avoiding even scratches to the camera or myself, I’d rather not take the risk any more.

I think I will have to come up with some kind of rig attaching the camera to my rucksack straps for sunny days but reverting to stowing it in the very waterproof and quick to access Aquazoom bag on wet days. Another posting on that once I’ve worked it out!


4 Replies to “Walking the HR: Gear that still needs improving”

  1. Not for an EOS 400D with a 10-20MM lens on it – nope :(

    I think you were on the Via Alpina when I posted about my camera kit! I probably should have linked to it more obviously :)

    The camera /or/ the lens alone and unprotected probably would fit.

    But together they wouldn’t. And that’s without a padded bag which is essential to prevent slamming £1k’s worth of sensitive camera kit into a rock when I put the pack down ;)

    It’s just a hazard of carrying such a lump of a camera!

  2. Well along those lines perhaps – thanks for the link!

    I’m considering attaching the whole thing to the pack straps rather than using a neck strap at all (I just don’t like neck straps!). Some fiddling about to be done I think…

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