Walking the HR: Gear that wasn’t used

Walkers Haute Route - Trient Valley  

I used almost all the kit with the exception of the survival shelter and the windproof jacket (I should have gone with my original instinct on that one).

Even the first aid kit was broken out, not for cuts and bruises or even blisters, but for a temporary dental filling. Someone’s existing temporary filling popped on day three and the little Dentek Temporary Filling Kit I picked up in the local Boots replaced it (4gms for the bottle of filler, cotton bud and a 50% reduced photocopy of the instruction card). It held all the way through, and apparently is still holding now, though I hope it doesn’t need to hold much longer! It saved an expensive and very, very inconvenient dental trip.

I’m pleased that the excess gear was kept to a bare minimum and wouldn’t have forgone anything to save the weight. Even the PHD Minimus down jacket was great for sitting around huts in the evening in more comfort than fleece and Montbell Thermawrap jacket would have provided. I still consider the extra weight of the down jacket to be more for emergency backup than general comfort and therefore definitely worth having.

The only other things that weren’t used were two of the EOS 400D camera batteries. I came back having used five of the seven after having the camera on almost permanently for the whole sixteen days. I only started switching it off at all to get the ultrasonic clean function on the CCD to fire up. Otherwise its stand-by mode is so lean on the power consumption that it’s more convenient never to switch it off. The charger was also redundant of course though I did charge a couple to be on the safe side. Part of me is still loathe to do without it since I’ve known batteries to fail outright and have heard even original Canon batteries sometimes do as well.

The BMC Reciprocal Rights Card that I mentioned wasn’t needed very often since there aren’t that many actual Club Alpine huts on the route. A real mistake on my part and I hope no one bought the card on that basis (I’ve edited the original posting).


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