Ultralightweight Sharp Things and Victorinox Swiss Cards

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I was reading an article on BPL.com entitled Ultralight Knives and Other Sharp Things (sorry the article is visible to members only – but it’s quite cheap and well worth it) when I came across Ryan Jordan’s preference for taking apart a small Swiss Army knife and using just the scissors from it as his only cutting tool. Apart from being quite hard to do it’s a shame to waste the knife, and what’s more it’s not necessary.

Scissors come as part of the Swiss Card and it’s quite possible to get hold of spare parts.

LB was given a Swiss Card as a present and unfortunately forgot that it was in her wallet when we flew to see her parents in Sweden. Of course the security people at the airport confiscated both the scissors and the knife.

So when we came back I looked around and found that Peter Hillocks, who runs the ebay shop PMCShop, will supply both the scissors and knives for the Swiss Card for a very reasonable price.

You could also try the importers Burton McCall directly but I know from experience of ordering other things that their post and packing charges will be more than the cost of these small scissors so you’re better off with Peter’s more reasonable P&P fee. He’ll happily take Pay Pal if you ask and are willing to pay the extra that Pay Pal charge him – worth it to avoid writing and mailing a cheque from my point of view.


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