My headtorch just crashed…

Peak District- Feb 2008 -15-small

I’ve become fairly used to having to “reboot” things for which a reboot was inconceivable a few years ago; TVs, video recorders, phones, cameras. But as of this weekend it appears that I can add headtorches to the list.

In a dark tent in Snowdonia at the weekend I tried to switch on my Petzl Tikka Plus and it switched itself straight back off.

There was a very slight pause, during which it stayed on long enough to indicate that it had registered the button properly. But then it just switched itself off again.

I tried it again and again with the same result.

Eventually I held the button down in frustration. At which point it “strobed”, not in the normal on/off repeated pattern that it does if you press the on button four times, but like an eighties disco.

I left it a second. Tried it again, and it worked.

Back to normal: One press; full beam, repeated presses cycling through dim, dimmer, flash and back to full beam again.

It should be happy enough. I recently replaced the alkaline batteries (not the lithiums that Petzl don’t recommend) and it has no visible damage other than some general scuffing. It hadn’t even had a chance to get damp at that point.

But that’s just a head torch. The idea of fully relying on something far more complex than that in the hills, like GPS for example, isn’t one I fancy at all.

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  1. I’ve got a Primus headlamp that sometimes loses the plot when the batteries get cold/start to run down. Luckily it has a nice long cord on the battery pack which can be unclipped and stuffed inside your jacket on cold days.

    On a related note, Primus were great about replacing the unit when a clip on the battery compartment failed just as the 1 year guarantee ran out – I sent them a nice note and the headlamp, and in a few weeks they sent me a replacement gratis.

  2. Really? Wow there was I thinking that it was an isolated event but apparently even such simple circuitry gets lots of problems. Thanks both – I had no idea!

    Hmm – give it say, twenty years or so and there will probably be epaper maps readily available. So we may even have to reboot those (if we bother with them of course ;)

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