Landmannalaugar To Thorsmork: Maps and guides

What are we using for information on the Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork trail?

There are no English language walking guides that we can find for the area, so the best we can find is the description in the Lonely Planet Iceland guide. I’ll be copying the few relevant pages onto a single sheet of A4 paper rather than carrying the whole book.

There is a single, 1:100,000 map of the L to T trail and surrounding area;  Special sheet No 7 1:100,000:  Porsmork/Landmannalaugar.

It’s specially produced to cover the trail, and the trail and huts are marked out. I don’t know how accurate the mapping is but considering it’s only at one to one hundred thousand and the landscaping is a shifting mass of rock being affected by streams, glaciers and even volcanoes I’m not expecting anything quite up to the standard of Ordnance Survey.

As usual I’ve sent it off to Aqua 3 to have it laminated. Total weight 78gms without the paper sleeve.

The actual trail sounds to be well marked but I’ll be carrying the little Garmin Gecko GPS regardless. From what I hear, the Icelandic rely very heavily on them even when driving, especially in the winter. It seems sensible to have along.

There are also other sites that have write-ups of walks in Iceland that are helpful for background info such as making sure you have sunglasses, something to cover your face and gaiters against the volcanic dust storms that can blow up. One of the best I’ve found is Jonathan Ley’s A Hike Across Iceland which is fascinating reading.

It’s certainly not like we’re heading into uncharted wilderness but the lack of detailed information does make it rather fun planning.

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  1. I should have mentioned a couple more sites with this posting.

    This is the official web site of the people that run the huts. On this particular page “Landmannalaugar – Þórsmörk” describes most of our route and “Skógar – Þórsmörk” the rest, only in reverse:

    The English language version of the weather forecast is notable mainly because of the Volcano activity map. The fact the activity is scaled in hours is even more eye-opening:

  2. And another thing…

    The Rother Walking Guide does cover parts of the walk. It’s not the best guide ever but the information on the walks was helpful.

    Not sure I’d recommend it but was glad to have read it for a little background and some tips on where to go.

    It actually covers a couple of side trips without really stressing the point that they’d be damn hard to get to if you’re not on the main trail anyhow.

    As I say, not great but if you’re hungry for info it might be worth it.

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