Mr & Mrs Yeti


On Saturday the 20th of June 2009, LB became Mrs Yeti (surname yet to be decided!)

People have asked many times “So, when is the big day?”, to which we’ve replied “It’s the 8th of August that we leave for the GR5. But we’ll be getting married before then of course.”

But the wedding certainly was a Big Day.

We started out with an amazing view of The Weald from Dower Cottage before a first-rate breakfast and a good chat with Andy and Christine, the owners, about the routes we’d all walked in the mountains of Europe as well as those that only they’d done and we now want to!

We decided that we wanted only immediate family at the actual ceremony since neither of us are hugely fussed regarding the official paperwork. But the Registrar was lovely and had a great sense of humour that made the whole thing more special than either of us had expected.

We followed that with a really lovely lunch in a great little country pub followed by a snooze back at Dower Cottage (for those not involved in making the above, amazing floral wreath head-dress for LB!).

Then off to the main event of the day – the Midsummer Party To Celebrate Our Marriage. Which was as good as we could possibly have hoped. With almost all our favourite people in the world (with a few sad exceptions that couldn’t make it of course).

We’ve organised a few fairly large parties ourselves but nothing on this scale. So we’d hounded Diane and Nikki from Food2U over all kinds of details to which they had responded so efficiently that we had relaxed about the whole event weeks in advance.

They’d provided a great selection of mainly classic English and Swedish food (as well as a classic Yeti/LB chili) finished off with Summer Pudding and Ostkaka. Everyone kept saying what gorgeous food had been laid on.

And with very kind help in putting-up a small marquee and delivering drinks, including picking up Harveys Best direct from the brewery, from some very kind friends we didn’t have to think of anything more.

Dancing blended effortlessly with conversation to the mellow sounds of Rockin’ In Rhythm who have been the soundtrack to a contract of mine for a couple of summers as they played in a square outside the client’s office!

The Harveys flowed along with the jazz as people wandered in and out of Westmeston Parish Hall to look out over the fields as the sun set.

A perfect, perfect Big Day.

And with some very kind and very generous gifts into the Honeymoon Fund from our lovely friends our next Big Day should go very well indeed.

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  1. Congratulation to both of you and of course all the best for your GR 5 honeymoon!
    And yes, a marriage changes the nature of a relationship even if you don’t expect it… ;-)
    And I resist of course all questions about little Yeti’s coming our way… :-)

  2. Roman – thank you! And I will also resist answering such questions ;)

    Chris – thank you – we plan to have as many of those years in the mountains as we can.

    Roger – and thank you! We are looking forward to the GR5 and now the planning can continue in earnest (as opposed to sneakily when we’re supposed to be planning the wedding ;)

  3. Congratulations!

    We were at another wedding yesterday – all this matrimony and sunshine going on is making Mrs Teeth and I want to do it all over again.

    To many happy years.

  4. WOW! Many congratulations to both of you, and the very best wishes for a wonderful life together ♥ I know marriage isn’t ‘necessary’, but there’s something very special about wishing to make that sort of commitment, and reading your great news has made my afternoon! Congratulations once again :)

  5. Thanks Peewiglet! I agree – it’s not necessary and I never thought I would…

    But hey, wandering about in mountains isn’t ‘necessary’ either I suppose? :)

  6. Many congratulations – it’s wonderful to see how your good news brings out the best in people.

    I would bet you’ll still remember this honeymoon walk when you’re in rocking chairs many decades from now. I hope it turns out to be an excellent trip.

  7. Thanks Julian! I’m sure we will :)

    We’ve both been very pleasantly surprised at how so many people that obviously read this blog for it’s “outdoorsness” have taken the time to leave such great comments.

    I hope you’re recovering well from the bottles of red (and the knee of course!).

  8. Hey Dave! Glad to hear that your celebrations went as planned. So so sorry we couldn’t join you on the day and wish that the situation was very different. Uncle Charles is aware that you are now married, and smiled when I told him the happy news that all went well. Let’s catch up soon… love to you both. x

  9. A massive congratulations from both Rose and I. We wish you many years of happy hiking and a continued shared passion for each other and the world around you. All the very best. Bob

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