Dry Bags Always Need Checking

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I’ve just leak tested the five dry bags we’re taking on the GR5 and three had leaks.

Most of them are by no means old either.

To my surprise, by far the worse leaks were in the “tougher” Exped sacks and not in the little silnylon Sea To Summit bags.

Even pin-hole leaks can let in surprising amounts of water I’ve discovered – and some of the ones I found were pretty big.

Here’s a quick HOWTO:

  • Have a pen ready to circle any leaks and a towel to dry the outside.
  • Turn inside out (you’ll want to make any repairs on the inside of the bag).
  • Fill with no more than about four litres of water, even in big bags (any more and the silnylon bags could rupture).
  • Dry with a towel so you can spot the leaks.
  • Roll the bag around so that each section of bag is at the bottom of the water inside them (to get the most pressure).
  • Pay particular attention to seams.
  • Dry and repair with Mcnett Seam Grip or Mcnett Silgrip

Only four days to go… Whoohoo!

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  1. I’m not at all surprised to hear it. I’ve had leaks regularly over the years in Exped bags, but the little Sea to Summit one I bought in Aviemore has thus far been perfect. I’m going to replace all my Expeds.

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