HR Kit: Food

TMB Sep 2005 - Refuge Albert 1er  

Since we’re going “hut to hut” the huts (refuges) and hotels provide dinner and breakfast so this is pretty simple overall.


The breakfasts in French and Italian huts are usually little more than yoghurt with French bread and butter plus gallons of coffee and hot chocolate. We’re hoping that the German influence in Switzerland might mean some things like cured meat being available but we’re not banking on it. We find the bread and yoghurt only lasts us for a couple of hours before we’re ravening for some “proper” food. Which is usually where the first mini-lunch stop occurs.


For lunches we generally intend to buy some dried sausage, cheese, nuts and of course Swiss chocolate. For some of the sections we’ll have to carry enough for a couple of days or three.

Some huts will happily make up a packed-lunch but I’ve not found them to be very substantial so I’d always plan to have some extra food to hand.

It’s definitely worth bringing a recently sharpened knife for cutting up cheese and dried sausages (and pack it in the luggage in the hold of course!).

The bags that the cheese and sausage come in usually get destroyed after a couple of days or three of shaking around in the pack so a couple of good freezer bags and an Aloksak or two is a good idea.

You can of course bring a stove and heat up something for lunch. Although LB and I aren’t doing that one of the people we’re with will be and will be home-dehydrating some things to heat up.


Provided by the huts of course but if you have a special requirement it can often be accommodated with as much notice as possible. I’ve even found that hut guardians welcome cooking something different to the usual fare but I may just have been lucky there of course.

Hot Drinks

Neither of us are big fans of “normal” black, English tea but we both like green, red, peppermint etc so we’ll be bringing a few bags of those. There’s never usually a shortage of hot chocolate and coffee in France and Italy so I’d assume something similar in Switzerland.

So that’s:

  • Sharp Knife
  • Couple of freezer bags and a Aloksak or two
  • Tea
  • Optionally lunch food and stove


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