HR Kit: Sleeping

TMB - Sep05 - Mt Blanc to the right from Rifugio Bertone  

Beds and Bedclothes

Beds are provided since we’re staying in huts but we’ll need sheets to sleep in. A sleeping bag liner is fine. Silk liners are the lightest although they can be expensive. Personally I find sleeping in a mummy type liner just fine, so I use the one I’d normally have inside my sleeping bag, but some people prefer the roominess of a square ended liner.

I’ve not used them yet but JagBags is a New Zealand based firm that has a good reputation and their prices are very reasonable. If you’re in a hurry, TerreVista-Trails on ebay supplies them from the UK for a very reasonable sum.

At night we just wear our normal underwear and a merino t-shirt. Another t-shirt, turned inside out, can double up as a pillow case.


Sometimes you’re unlucky enough to sleep in a dorm with someone who could wake the dead with their snoring. If you’re really unlucky they may even have obstructive sleep apnoea so you’ll be worrying that they might not even make it through the night (though they probably will!) because they’ll repeatedly stop breathing.

But even people talking or rustling plastic bags can be very disturbing so a pair of ear plugs seem to be worth the tiny amount of weight.

We got ours from all earplugs and without the case they weigh less than four grams. Instead of using the case we’ll keep them in the cut-off corner of a plastic bag, twisted up like a sweet wrapper .


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  1. Will second the recommendation for Jagbags. I ordered a silk liner (mummy shaped) from them a couple of weeks ago. It turned up a couple of days ago – no acknowledgent or anything but pretty fast really and great value. Will be trying it out this weekend.

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