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Fenêtre d’Arpette - TMB 2005  

Only a couple of days before we leave for our walk along the Haute Route.

Last weekend we tried out the jumbo Sealskinz sock and sure enough it keeps LB’s cast nice and dry. She reckons it was the easiest wild camp she’s ever done; a three kilo total pack, someone to lay out her sleeping things, collect the water, cook the food and wash up. Luxury!

Other people might say that wild camping with a recently broken arm would not be their idea of luxury. To each their own.

The arm is calming down nicely. The follow up X-ray showed it was still very nicely in place. So we’re still pushing on with the Haute Route.

There are a couple of last minute bits of kit I’ve decided are worth the weight and a couple I’ve decided against.

Some huts, but not all, provide sandals and none allow outdoor footwear to be worn inside. Usually I just use my walking socks and wash them out that evening. But this time I’m taking some thick black hair bands to use as sandals.


Well, take the insoles out of your shoes, plant your foot on them, stick two hair bands around them and bingo – lighter than a gram weenie sandal. Only 14 grams for six (two for each foot + a couple of spares).

I think the bands will stand up to it. I’ll let you know.

A spare phone battery only weighs 22 grams and could mean the difference between utter boredom and being able to listen to an audio-book for both of us. Replacement ones for Nokia phone, and most others I imagine, can be had very cheaply on ebay.

I’ve decided to drop the third pair of boxer shorts. Wash one, wear one I reckon.

Also I forgot a couple of things on the final kit list; Liner Socks and water proof pack liners to stop rain soaking into your spare clothes. Waterproof pack liners are something I’m still wrestling with. A reliably waterproof and light pack liner is an elusive item.

And the final pack weights… Using a spring balance to get the base pack weight (no water or food) and pretending for a moment that LB hadn’t got a broken arm, the weights are a shade over 5 kilos + 2.6 camera kit for me and 5.5 for her (some of the weight in LB’s pack is an old, heavy top with the sleeve cut open to go over the arm, the monster-size Sealskinz sock, and a larger LifeVenture Soft Fibre Trek Towel since drying one handed is hard enough!)

In reality of course she’ll be taking some of the bulk and I’ll be taking most of the weight.

Not as light as I’d like. Some more thinking to be done for next year I think…


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