Why I’m So Obsessed With The Kit

Cairngorms Easter-08-4

I found myself wondering why I’m so obsessed with the weight of my kit.

Which brought me on to wondering why I’m so obsessed with the kit itself.

And I think I know why.

What I’m trying to do is to have the most fun I can, not minimise weight; the weight is a red herring.

The reason that I’m so obsessed with the weight of the kit is that carrying lots of weight is simply what causes the most discomfort.

So obviously by concentrating on the weight, you make the most impact on the whole “how do I have the most fun that I can” puzzle.

Of course, once you’ve cut the weight down it’s natural to start thinking of other things that could make life more comfy. But if those other things are extra things you’d therefore be carrying more.

Which is contrary to the main, weight-reducing point. Making it something of a never ending puzzle. By thinking about the kit, it gives me an excuse to think about being outdoors, hiking. And as a bonus I can even feel like I’m doing something “practical” that actually makes a difference to my life (and LB’s life) rather than just aimlessly day-dreaming. Meaning I can justify it to myself all the more easily.

We often say how surprised we are at being in relatively hostile surroundings and yet still warm, comfortable and full of energy. There is a definite pay-off.

But I think the real answer to why I’m obsessed with the kit is that, although I can’t actually wander around in mountains all the time, by thinking about the kit I get to think about being in the mountains, even when I can’t be.

Anyway, enough philosophy. Where are we going for this year’s Big Walk?

7 Replies to “Why I’m So Obsessed With The Kit”

  1. I think it probably is – it was just a moment of clarity that appeared as a large cup of motorway-services coffee coursed through my veins on the long journey back from some wild-camping in Wales. :)

    And it was a way to answer those that wonder why I am so obsessed with it.

    Though I must say, one of the more vocal of those people has changed his tune somewhat after coming wild-camping with us. It’s amazing how important those grams suddenly are when you’re carrying so many of the buggers up a hill… ;)

  2. Kit, weight and the mind. Yes we have been through the “This weighs too much” process and we have also begun to realize that there is an alternative. However, the UL movement has at least made us look at what we have and consider lighter alternatives. As a consequence we are carrying less and enjoying it more, or at least not suffering as much. Now back to thinking about the next trip and less about what is in the pack.

  3. The weight changes have definitely improved the experience – but I’ll also never be truly UL. Simply because a tent is just far to “snuggly” for two. A couple of bivy bags and a tarp just won’t do it for us.

    Ah the next trip… so many of those and yet not enough time…

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