Red Yeti Videocast #2: Kit For Camping And Photography In The Alps


This video follows on directly from the last and was, once again, very well filmed by LB.

It deals with the extra kit we carried for camping, the custom-made camera harness that I attached to the GoLite Pinnacle pack I carried (the pack was excellent!) as well as the charging solutions we came up with for the phones, the iPod Nanos and the cameras.

The iPod Nanos, loaded up with audiobooks, were absolutely life-saving when stuck in a refuge with an injury for three days and when getting in to huts early for short days thereafter. But we also listened to them each night before we dropped off to sleep. For about 50 grams each they became almost indispensable to our enjoyment of the trip. We combined the charger for the iPods and the phones, which we would be taking regardless, by taking a mains USB charger so there was no extra weight penalty there.

It beat the heck out of carrying real books. Not only that, you can listen to them in the dark in a dorm room and they’re not loud enough to disturb others.

At the point we made this video the USB phone charger lead was still working. By incredible luck, it broke when we were in the only town on the route where we stood any chance of replacing it.

Even more luckily, when we bought the new one we found that they also sold a mains to USB charger with two outlets instead of just one. That made life much easier. No longer did I have to choose which most needed charging from four items (both phones and both iPods), now it was just between which phone and which iPod.

As Lighthiker noted you need to check that whatever you’re using as a charger has the power to charge a completely flat device. For instance, the USB to Nokia charger lead isn’t just a wire, it’s actually a step-up transformer to give the normal USB output the extra guts it needs to charge a dead phone.

As per the last video, I planned to put links on this posting to the kit I mention but I’m getting rather tight for time. Besides anything in here should turn up in Google – but if you want to know more,  just leave a comment and ask!

The video is broken into three parts (due to YouTube upload restrictions).


(The pot cosy lid replacement mentioned in part two above worked fine!)

5 Replies to “Red Yeti Videocast #2: Kit For Camping And Photography In The Alps”

  1. These are some great videos I have enjoyed them all, well done. Dave, I am particularly interested in your charging solutions. I liked the EU plug you attached to the camera battery charger. Where did you get it? I am also a ipod user and am very interested in your lightweight USB charger. The name of the ebay seller? Do you know the actual name of the ortleib camera bag?

  2. Really glad you enjoyed them Roger :)

    Ortlieb camera bag is an Aqua-Zoom. The weight of 340 grams quoted actually includes the carry strap and the padded shoulder piece – without them it’s 228 grams. I’d not recommend the “Plus” version since it’s a lot less waterproof (it’s “plus” padding and minus the zip closure!).

    The original, single USB charger came from feelinfunkie on ebay. Though I’d highly recommend a double-outlet version if you have two USB-chargeable things of course (mine was from an Orange shop.

    The handy little converter that I used on the Canon charger… to my frustration I can’t find any record of it!

    I have all the old emails from ebay, for everything else I’ve ever bought it seems – just not that. I’ve also not added them to my favourite sellers. I’ve searched the listings (for “USB euro charger” – which is what it came with) to no avail.

    I’ve found a battery charger that looks promising and have contacted the seller – I’ll let you know if I can turn up something similar!

  3. Sorry Roger – the ebay seller has never replied to my question on the plugs… All I can suggest is scanning the pictures on Euro plug converters and trying to see if any use the standard two-pin plug that goes into a charger!

    I’d like to find a supplier myself, in case the current one fails…

  4. no problem, Hendrik at Hiking Finland had an interesting Solar charger report a while ago, but I cannot find it at the moment. It was a Finnish company.

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