Another Alcohol Based Sun Gel?


So just as I say “I’ve been looking for an alcohol based gel block for the last ten years” two come along at once (like buses – as the saying goes). There must be others – anyone know of any?

I found one in Blacks that looks very good since it doesn’t have any perfume added to it: Care Plus® Skin-Saver – Gel Concentrate SPF 25

Total weight 80 grams with 75ml of the gel – so I’d guesstimate 10 grams of packaging assuming alcohol based gel is lighter than water. Meaning for this size of tube there’s no weight saving to be had by decanting into an old orange drink bag.

This will be coming with me.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    this is great stuff! Thanks for the tip. I have been able to try the Care Plus Gel out when I was at the OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen. Get’s soaked into the skin immediately, leaves no greasy or oily film and is only very slightly perfumed. And as stated very concentrated, too. Immediate convert!

  2. I really liked the Care Plus alcohol-based gel concentrate suggestion, but now I’ve run out of it and no one seems to sell it!

    Any ideas – either where to buy it, or perhaps for a replacement?

    1. Funny you should ask that right now – just added that to my todo list for this week…

      I can’t find it myself and who used to stock it no longer have it. Bob says the new one isn’t greasy… so I’ll have to get hold of some and see what it’s like!

  3. By ‘the new one’ do you mean ?

    Care Plus also have .

    However both of them seem to come in bigger size/heavier packaging (120g vs 80g).

    Any alternatives to an old orange drink bag as replacement packaging? As I’d be concerned that it doesn’t break and ruin the whole cosmetics compartment.

    Very keen to find out what you decide on.

    1. Yes sorry – I should have said! That’s the one on the BPL site. Yeah the other one looks about the same but without the anti jelly fish sting thing. I’m not too worried either way though I was swimming with jelly fish in the Baltic last year so maybe that would be handy!

      I’ll let you know how I find it… :)

    2. Oh and alternatives to the orange drinks bag: We very successfully used a Platy bottle to decant multiple (five? six?) tubes of the (good old) Care Plus alcohol based block which lasted us the whole seven weeks of GR5 trail. Not sure it’s such a great saving in weight over the single tube (possibly none…) but for longer trips it works a treat :)

  4. So the new Care Plus sunblock: Works well, but smells a bit too perfumed for us though.

    Recently however, I’ve been more convinced that using sunblock is a massively mixed blessing due to the huge array of (often endocrine disrupting) substances which are used in them. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that many of them are actually raising your risk of other forms of cancer as much, if not more, than not using them.

    Besides, it’s a much more nuanced topic than just “stop the sun getting to you and you’ll be okay”. In fact that basic approach is looking more and more foolish.

    I’ve found to my huge surprise that avoiding any seed oils (except olive) and ensuring my overall Omega 6 oil intake is low made a big difference. Huge in fact. I hardly burn at all now and I have red hair! But I am wandering way off topic. (See this for a starting point for your own research).

    But unless you’re outside all the time to build a natural tan, it’s still possible to burn. So we’ve switched to the Badger range of sunblocks:

    Badger on iHerb

    Sadly, they are not easy to apply. But they do not smell bad (they don’t really smell much at all), and they do not contain things that are increasing our chances of dying of something nasty in twenty years!

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