HR Kit: The Kit List

Sweden - Bright red plants in the scree - Kungsleden 2006

Although I try to go as light as possible I still carry more than an “Ultralight Hiker“. Partly this is due to enjoying my creature comforts. Partly perhaps due to having spent time in mountains often as a slightly more experienced, and therefore more responsible, member of a group rather than solo hiking.

But it’s amazing how by concentrating some thought on each bit of kit, or rather on each function that a bit of kit provides, you can shave off a really significant amount of weight.

A couple of summers ago I started carrying a DSLR camera and the extra weight tipped the balance from awkward to painful. But with a little thought and not too much spending I managed to shave off the weight of the camera and more besides.

With a lot of thought and rather a lot of spending, last winter, I dropped something like five kilos off my previous overnight winter kit. Going from around 18 to around 13 kilos. A hugely noticeable amount!

Another good reason for trying to reduce your pack weight that I can’t recall being mentioned, is in case you have to carry someone else’s gear as well. I’ve had to do so on two occasions where a minor injury left someone able to walk but not bear much weight. Once it’s been the other way around and LB took most of my pack weight whilst she helped someone with a sprained ankle and I sped off to a road to hitch a lift back to our car.

This kit list assumes that I’m carrying just my own kit but of course I’ll be taking a fair proportion of LB’s too for obvious reasons.

The weights are from my digital scales. I’ve been very forgetful about adding weights into the Blog so far. I also plan a final weighing next week…

HR Kit List

Flight documents
BMC Insurance card
European Health Insurance card
Driving license
BMC Card
Credit card
6″X9″ Aloksak for documents 18gms
Local Currency
6″X9″ Aloksak for currency 18gms

Nokia 6233 Phone 112gms
Earphones for phone 22gms
A5 Ortleib bag as wallet and phone case 20gms
Silva Expedition 4 compass 44gms
Silva Field 7 compass 24gms
Swiss Topo maps 84gms
Guide book 252gms
GPS 87gms

Head torch 68gms (inc. Lithium batteries)
Spare torch 60gms
Emergency shelter 428gms
Spare bits bag (SilFix, needles and thread etc) 60gms
Whistle (six blasts in the Alps and the UK) 6gms
First Aid kit (including blister kit) 308gms

Care Plus alcohol based sunblock 80gms (might also take an extra tube between two of us)
Care Plus lip sunblock 14gms
Tilley Hat 108gms
Sunglasses+ case 94gms (possibly SportEYZ but I’ve not tried them yet: 9gms plus an Integral Designs 4gms silnylon stuffsac)

Granite Gear Vapor Trail rucksack 1056gms
Silnylon rucksack rain cover 75gms

Rab Drilium waterproof jacket large 353gms
Montane Atomic Pants (waterproof trousers) large 178gms
Jack Wolfskin Gecko micro fleece large 244gms
Montane Lite Speed wind proof large 186gms
Icebreaker 140 weight Tech T Lite merino wool t-shirts X2 XL 180gms each
Silk gloves 30gms
PHD Minimus down jacket 570gms

Silk boxer shorts X3 large 82gms each
Rohan double-convertible synthetic trousers medium 342gms
Integral Designs Shortie eVENT gaiters large 70gms
Smartwool socks size 11 UK medium weight 86gms
Sealskinz socks size 11 UK 106gms
Montrail Hurricane Ridge approach shoes size 11.5 UK 1124gms (inc. Superfeet insoles)

Silk sleeping bag liner 108gms
Ear Plugs 4gms

Wash kit 253gms
Towel 30gms
3 packs travel tissues (in 6″X9″ Aloksak) 88gms
Multi vitamins
Swiss Army knife 128gms
Tea bags
12″X12″Aloksak for food 32gms
Freezer bags for food X3 44gms total
Re-used Indian Tonic Water bottles X3 42gms each (for water)

Canon EOS 400D DSLR camera + 10-22 lens 1070gms
Canon 17-85 lens 496
Foam camping mat cut and gaffer taped to form a cover for the above 40gms
22Gb (yes gigabytes) of memory 98gms (7XCF cards at 14gms inc. case each)
Lens cloth 1gm
Camera batteries X7 (not 5 – I bought 2 more!) 44gms each total 308gms
Camera battery charger with shortened lead 142gms (saved 44gms by shortening the lead)
Ortleib Aquazoom waterproof camera case 224gms

Kestrel 3500 (measures wind, temperature etc) 65gms +37 for the case (which I may change)
Binoculars 288gms

Update 8 Jan 2012: I’ve just posted a set of updates to this list.

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